South Australia Report on Planning and Symposium

Multifaith Association of South Australia

The July Multifaith Association of South Australia Meeting was held at Saldechin Tea Rooms, 21 King William Street, Adelaide on 15th July at 3pm.

Jewish Community Services has new leadership and they have reassessed their risk management procedures and no longer are able to provide rooms for meetings for community groups.

Among the issues discussed in the meeting were preparation for the Third Annual Interfaith Symposium, and work was discussed on publicity and promotion. Our new publicity officer, Anna Chiappini, participated in these discussions.

The Symposium planning is well underway, some speakers and musicians still to be finalised. There was a recent open day at the Marion Mosque; two members of our Association attended, Salim and Ann. There is a possibility that one of our members may participate in a regional meeting of URI in Cambodia in November this year.

We are still working on a new symbol for our association. We have been provided with a number of designs and options, lots of choices … and we are also considering revamping existing logo.

Multifaith Association of South Australia