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Religions for Peace and the International Dialogue Centre – KAICIID Announce the Reaffirmation of Their Commitment to Strengthening Inter-Institutional Dialogue, Cooperation and Understanding

30 October 2023, New York City:
Religions or Peace, the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious organisation, advancing common action among the world’s faith communities toward peace for people and the planer, and the International Dialogue Centre — KAICIID, an international ‘governmental organisation which promotes and employs interreligious dialogue to support conflict prevention and resolution, sustainable peace and social cohesion, are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration on interreligious and intercultural dialogue worldwide.

Against the backdrop of various legal frameworks on international human rights and global agendas, this agreement comes at a time when the importance of interfaith collaboration and dialogue has never been more crucial. In a world facing an array of complex challenges, this partnership marks a significant step toward fostering peace, harmony, and understanding among diverse religious and faith communities. Both Religions for Peace and KAICIID are leaders in the advancement of interfaith collaboration, with long-standing commitments of promoting and facilitating a peaceful coexistence, countering hate speech, and addressing the root cause of violence through the power of faith.

Religion, while a source of solace and peace, has often been misused to fuel violent conflicts and promote social divisions. It is in this contest that Religions for Peace and KAICIID have decided to pool their resources, expertise, and networks to create a more harmonious world. Together, Religions for Peace and KAICIID will amplify the voices of those who are already working tirelessly t© promote interfaith collaboration and understanding.

Ms. Deepika Singh, Associate Secretary General and Director of Programmes, Religions for Peace noted that, “Our reaffirmed partnership with KAICIID represents a commitment to working together towards a world where the positive values of faith are harnessed to build bridges and where dialogue triumphs over division.

Dr. Zuhair Alharthi, Secretary General, International Dialogue Centre – KAICIID stated that, “Our collaboration with Religions for Peace will help to scale our efforts towards increasing dialogue and understanding among different religions at an important time in world affairs, where the need for peace is most”

“The combined efforts of both organisations’ aim to promote hope and unity, and to demonstrate that through dialogue and cooperation, a more just, peaceful and inclusive world is possible for all

For additional information, please email Ms. Sohaa Khan, Religions for Peace Communications Office, at or Ms. Yvonne Baraza, Media Relations Officer, International Dialogue Centre — KAICIID, at yvonne


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