South Australia: Interfaith Matters! Dancing between Civilisations

Connecting Conversations across culture, creed & traditionRabbi Shoshana Kaminsky will speak on “Dancing between Civilisations: an eyewitness report from an outsider looking in “ at the Beit Shalom Synagogue, Hackney, on the evening of July 27, from 6pm.

Connecting Conversations across culture, creed & tradition:
Speaker: Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky
Topic: “Dancing between Civilisations: an eyewitness report from an outsider looking in.”

Reflections will address: Where are the lines between tolerance, acceptance and welcoming? What does it mean to be truly open to the other? Rabbi Shoshana has been reflecting on these tensions for decades, most recently in her work as a supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education. A provocative and challenging evening is promised!

Details for the evening:
Date: 27 July, 2022 @ 6 pm
Venue: Beit Shalom Synagogue, 39 Hackney Rd, Hackney SA 5069
RSVP to by 25 July

Donations towards food will be welcome ($10-$15 per person)
You are welcome to bring a friend. Ample parking available at the synagogue.

General information about ‘Interfaith Matters!’
You are invited to become part of an interactive group (or attend as a once-off visitor), where we hope to encourage friendship across creed, culture and tradition; an opportunity to participate in building new community; and a chance to share questions and discoveries about matters spiritual (in a safe space) as we reflect on our own transition?

Many different themes are discussed, at times we reflect on how our spiritual yearnings converge, at other times we hear about the depth and background of particular faith traditions. We may all wonder about the points below and beyond…come and share your thoughts?
• What is our knowledge, expectations of ourselves and the different creeds, cultures and traditions around us?
• What are our questions about the culture; the faith tradition; the belief-system we or our neighbours represent?
• What are your challenges and your experiences about great moments and complex challenges of your / some else’s beliefs?

Interfaith Matters is a community group, overseen by a steering group (Sylvia, Ann, Allen, Paul, Peter, Bill, Denise and Liellie), representing different faith and cultures, and supported by a great and richly diverse communities, now entering it’s third year in the current format.


Connecting Conversations across culture, creed & tradition