Adelaide: Interfaith forum on ‘Creation Stories’

Adelaide: Interfaith forum on 'Creation Stories'The Interfaith Forum at Pilgrim Church, Flinders St, Adelaide, will host an evening/meal/good company exploring the intrigue of creation stories and how it interacts with our own sense of spirit. The Interfaith Forum will meet on the Evening of Wednesday, 29 June at 6pm.

On Evening of Wednesday 29 June, our Interfaith Forum will be guided by Sylvia and Bill Barnes on theintrigue of creation stories and how it interacts with our own sense of spirit?

You are invited to enjoy this evening from your own perspective /faith tradition and appreciate the richness of the diverse creation stories and what we may learn.

We appreciate that at our Interfaith evenings we can listen, ask questions and reflect on our own or other people’s views, without having the pressure to change ourselves or one another. This gift of trust, community and reciprocity is a great treasure and one which helps us respect other traditions and faiths, while working on our own stories.

We will have a meal (Kurdish / Sudanese / Afghani?) at the cost of +/- $15 and donations towards the hall- owners will be much appreciated.

Time and date: 5.45 for 6 pm on Wednesday, 29 June
Venue: Pilgrim Hall, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide (Ample parking)
RSVP by 26 June to help the chef prepare with enough time.
You are welcome to invite a friend!
Please direct inquiries and RSVP to
You are welcome to send any questions or suggestions to this email.


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