The Symbols of Religions

Multifaith Association of South Australia

The Multifaith Association of South Australia conducted a meeting recently on the symbols of the different religions.

The April meeting was an open meeting at the Migrant Resource Centre, Coglin Street, Adelaide on the 22nd April. Committee members gave a short 5 minute talk about a symbol ~ symbols of their faith, we all shared some afternoon tea and then concluded the afternoon with an informal question and answer session. We also welcomed a new committee member from the Sikh community, Baldev Dhaliwal Singh.

We all learnt from each other about:

  • Several symbols from the Bahai faith
  • The Jewish Siddur (prayer book)
  • The symbolism of roosters on churches in Sweden
  • The burning bush symbol from the Presbyterain Church and the symbols of the Uniting Church
  • The Cross and Crown of Christian Science
  • Symbol of light representing the human soul and the Supreme Soul (God) from the Brahma Kumaris
  • The Call to Prayer of Islam
  • The symbols of Buddhism
  • The Cross of Sacrifice and the Celtic cross or Cross of the Sun from the Gnosticism

Multifaith Association of South Australia