TIME FOR LIVING THE CHANGE: Climate-Friendly Lives for People of Faith

Climate-Friendly Lives for People of Faith

Living the Change upholds two of our deepest convictions:

  • We believe the Earth is a sacred gift.
  • We believe each of us has the responsibility to live in a way that supports and sustains our common home.

While world leaders have agreed to keep global warming to a 1.5⁰C limit, current trends have us headed for at least twice that level and a truly devastating future. We urgently need a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. Join people of faith creating climate-friendly lives.

When: From 1 to 31 January 2022
What: Make your low-carbon New Year’s resolution and live it out for 30 days!
Who: People of all religions and spiritualities

Make your New Year’s low-carbon resolution!

We choose climate-friendly living because we reject the desecration of people and planet and embrace joyful lives of simplicity and solidarity. Such choices send a clear message. Rooted in gratitude for life and for Earth itself, our spiritual paths guide us to care for creation or nature, live simply, avoid waste, and love our neighbours, especially the most vulnerable.

Individual behavior change alone can’t save the Earth. Massive corporations, unwilling governments, and greedy financial institutions stand in the way of climate justice. But aligning our lives with what we believe is central to our faiths, and principled personal commitment is vital to every social movement.

That’s why we invite you to start living the change. As 2022 approaches, let’s start the New Year by committing to climate justice! This January, we invite you to join in “Time for Living the Change”, a season to make your New Year’s low-carbon resolution and live it out for a month.

Join the 30-day challenge!

Here’s how it works: choose one new low-carbon lifestyle change you’ll adopt between 1-31 January and join a multi-faith community around the world journeying together.


You’ll select one behavior change from the areas that make the biggest impact – transport, diet, and home energy use. For example, you could

  • Reduce your car travel or go car-free for a month, using public transport or bicycle;
  • Reduce your meat consumption or go vegetarian or vegan;
  • Lower your thermostat and put on a comfortable sweater.

We have dozens of possible changes for you to choose from, along with inspiring testimonials that are honest, concrete, and spiritually rich.


Your Path Forward

After registering you’ll be invited to:

  • Choose your low-carbon resolution and write a short letter to yourself about why you’re taking part;
  • Connect with others on our Monday “Living the Change” community calls beginning on 3 January to connect, hear a spiritual reflection, and share successes and struggles;
  • Reflect and share about the change you are making;
  • Celebrate with our community on 31 January!
  • If you would like to gather and participate as a group, click here for more information.

    Living the Change is where people of different faiths and spiritualities come together to adopt climate-friendly lives. Join us!


    Climate-Friendly Lives for People of Faith