Mindfulness & the creative process

Mindfulness & the creative processThe Contemplative Studies Centre at Melbourne University produces many online events examining meditation, the fruits of different kinds of meditation and the spin-offs from meditation and practising mindfulness. Here, the Contemplative Studies Centre presents Mindfulness and the Creative process. There is a related Art exhibition.

The marrying of mindfulness and the creative process can inspire enhanced visualisation, flow, and awareness, and can be a fertile ground for a fulfilling artistic practice. Whilst the many benefits of mindfulness are well known, incorporating different meditation traditions can transform a meditation practice, as exemplified by the current Presence of Mind exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove which explores how meditation practices from religious and non-religious sources influence creative practice.

For contemplative science, too, meditation has a complex range of techniques, uses, and effects. Meditation not only supports personal and community wellbeing but can enhance creativity in non-artists.

We invite you to join our engaging panel of artists, meditation practitioners, and researchers to explore current research and intimate personal stories about how mindfulness can nurture creativity.

This event is brought to you by the Contemplative Studies Centre, University of Melbourne, and Gallery Lane Cove as part of Presence of Mind’s public program. Presence of Mind is an exhibition supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and Create NSW and is on view at Gallery Lane Cove from 11 December 2021 – 26 February 2022. This event will also be recorded for The Art Show on ABC Radio National.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 20 January 2022
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Host: Contemplative Studies Centre
Location: Webinar
Cost: Free
Register: Online
More information: Contemplate-CSC@unimelb.edu.au


Mindfulness & the creative process
Mindfulness & the creative process


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