Faith Actors Upholding Democratic Values

Faith Actors Upholding Democratic ValuesReligions for Peace in partnership with the Center for Church-based Development is pleased to invite you to participate in the Summit for Democracy on “Faith Actors Upholding Democratic Values” on Monday, 6 December from 9:00-10:15 am EST. (Local Time USA)

Event Overview:  
In different contexts around the world, religious actors and faith-based organizations are providing many of the essential ingredients that democracies need – encouraging civic participation, advocating for marginalized communities, and much more.  In doing so, faith actors are advancing democratic values and providing a defense against authoritarianism.  In this virtual panel, faith actors from Costa Rica, Lebanon, and the United States will describe their grassroots, community-level efforts as well as their work at the national level of their societies.  This panel discussion is taking place in support of the Summit for Democracy and is organized by the Center for Church-based Development, with support from Religions for Peace. 

Event Details

Program: Faith Actors Upholding Democratic Values
Date: Monday, 6 December
Location: Online
Cost: Free
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