Interfaith Choir for Peace – INSTITUT DIAN / INTERFIDEI (Indonesia)

Interfidei (Indonesia) 30 years anniversary

Institut Dialog Antar-Iman di Indonesia also known as INTERFIDEI (Institute for Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia) is celebrating its 30 anniversary. There have been several webinars with interfaith dialogue, and here, we bring you the Interfaith Choir for Peace.

Interfidei was founded on 10 August 1991 with a vision: “creating a civil society rooted in the values of faith and humanity.” While its mission is: (1) to encourage and develop humanistic and pluralistic religious thinking through dialogue, (2) stimulate a dynamic interfaith network for interfaith dialogue and collaboration, and (3) transform religious life as a solution to humanitarian, socio-political, and ecological problems faced by society.

As part of 30 year anniversary, Interfidei presents the Interfaith Choir for Peace:

HEAL THE WORLD (Keroncong Version) – Interfaith Choir for Peace




Interfidei is the first interfaith-based non-government organization (NGO) in Indonesia. The founders were several public figures and intellectuals of that time, including Dr Th Sumartana, Dr Djohan Efendi, and Daniel Dhakidae, PhD. Since its inception, Interfidei has been based in Dukuh Banteng, Sinduharjo Village, Ngaglik District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). In the 1990s, several prominent interfaith figures visited and discussed at the Interfidei office, including Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), Father JB Mangunwijaya, Pr., and Mrs Gedong Bagoes Oka. The DIAN/Interfidei Institute office was their shared “home”, especially with young people (activists and students) of that time.

When Interfidei was just established and active in its first few years, no one had any idea that this Institute would continue until 30 years. With time, one thing believed was: “If the presence of this institution is truly beneficial for the life of society and the nation, and especially for the world, surely it will be sustainable, will always open a correct path to thread, and lead to the expected direction, which is: ‘Hopefully religions and religious life in Indonesia can concretely bring peace and prosperity to all mankind, to the world'”.

This belief had been challenged and tested from year to year, both from without and from within. Optimism is always there, trust always comes and spreads from the local level in the surrounding community, where Interfidei is located, and partners and the government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, and also the community at the national level, the central government, and network partners at the national, regional, and international level. There was professional objectivity in organizing with its capabilities and limitations, being open and willing to improve and better managed under the principles as a social organization which can be a “tool/means”. There was a positive, critical and constructive “media”, beneficial for peoples with differences, the universe, for life bringing bounty, peace and reconciliation through religions and beliefs, interpreting them into the life of society.

For Interfidei, religion is meaningless for the life of society and the nation if it does not come down to the fundamental questions: What is the meaning of religion and being religious in society and the nation? That is what is meant by faith when the purpose of religion becomes real in the shared life, animating one another among humankind, the universe and the Creator. So, religion is not just an establishment or institution that is closely related to power, it is also not just a matter of ritual and worship in worship spaces that are located and surrounded by walls and decorated with various symbols, hierarchies of leadership, administrative bureaucracy, but it is value and significance that convey meaning which is life itself. A peaceful life that quickens on another for the sake of giving peace.