NSW: Conference on Hindu Religion Cancelled

Hindu Council of Australia

Due to the recent COVID situation in Sydney, the Hindu Council of Australia has decided to postpone the conference to late August or the beginning of September 2021. The Hindu Council of Australia will invite all the registered participants to an hour meeting on Sat 3 July 2021 at 11 am using Zoom.

The Hindu Council of Australia advises

  1. As soon as we can find a suitable date and a venue, we will advertise the conference date.
  2. This new conference date will be final. If the COVID situation doesn’t improve the conference will be online.
  3. The proceedings of the conference will be published. Please send your full paper by 15 Aug 2021 to AHC2021Roots@gmail.com.
  4. All registrations from 3 July 2021 will carry over to the new conference date. We will keep the registration open. Please encourage like-minded persons to register for the conference.

We take this opportunity to invite all the registered participants to an hour meeting on Sat 3 July 2021 at 11 am. Zoom invites will be sent to all registered participants.

In this meeting:
* We will provide an overview of the papers to be presented at the conference.
* We will gather ideas from the registered participants on what we can do to make the conference more productive.

We have some scope to include matters that are of interest to the participants in the conference.

Hindu Religion in Australia — Its Roots and Growth

It is generally believed that the essence of the Hindu religion is known to us all Hindus. As the language changes from region to region in India so do the religious practices. Everyone is proud of their unique practices and that pride nourishes the roots of this vast tree called Hindu religion. How should we put the roots of the Hindu religion in Australia and keep our connections with its diverse traditions?

The intellectual system of the West is well supported by schools, universities, publishing industry, and media. Hindu religion has some unique ideas like idol worship, the power of mantras, yoga, teacher-disciple tradition, etc., which may not fit easily with the Western intellectual structure. Do we need such parallel structures to communicate the intellectual framework of the Hindu religion in Australia?

This conference will focus on the ideas, challenges, insights, and opportunities for Hindus in Australia. The conference will be a good opportunity to develop and share religious ideas with the Hindu community of Australia. Experts will present their work but the conference is primarily to encourage everyone to present the development of their ideas as practitioners of the Hindu religion.

Some suggested topics for conference presentations include Hindu rituals, studies of scriptures in schools and universities, yoga minus its Hindu roots, discrimination against Hindus in Australia and Hindu phobia, international network and its attack on the phantom Hindu “right”, the Australian media attack on Hindus, Hindu religion and its interaction with Aboriginal practices, importance of Sanskrit for Hindus in Australia, the relevance of strong Hindu missions in India for Australia, Hindu religion and physical sciences, display of Hindu religious symbols in public, the central role of women, and countering the negative caste narratives.

Abstract Submission

We expect to have three to four one-hour plenary sessions and about forty to fifty fifteen-minute presentations. Abstracts for the conference can be uploaded at Oxford Abstracts. Information about how to write an abstract and develop ideas for presentation is available at the abstract registration site.

Conference Registration

Please register for the conference. Early registration will help us in the organisation.
Registration Fee $51 non-members, $25 members and concessions.

Date and Time
To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Contact: Himanshu Pota himanshu.pota@gmail.com


Sydney Olympic Park


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