World Refugee Day Webinar

Initiatives of Change logoAt 10am, Sunday 20 June, Amiel Nubaha will be a moderating a conversation with Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson Mahatma Gandhi, on the theme Empowering Refugees and Migrants as Peacebuilders and Agents of Change.  

Rajmohan GandhiKeynote speaker: Rajmohan Gandhi draws from 60 years’ experience in peacebuilding and trustbuilding in complex communities with a long history of hatred and violence. He will discuss how the legacy of his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, continues to inspire change around the world. Professor Rajmohan Gandhi is a biographer and professor at the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US. He is also a scholar-in-residence at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar.

Amiel NubahaModerator: Amiel Nubaha, a Board member at Initiatives of Change Australia, will facilitate discussions and share his own insights on this topic, drawing on personal experience as a young Rwandan refugee now resettled in Australia. Amiel is a law graduate from Griffith University, Queensland, was a Caux Scholar with IofC International, and is now an Initiatives of Change peacebuilder based in Queensland. He will present his ongoing work in vulnerable communities to inspire people from minority and emerging communities to develop community resilience towards a shared, bright future.

Our discussions will centre on the theme of World Refugee Day 2021, Unity—The Way Forward’, drawing on the experiences of these two peacebuilders of different generations in applying tools for change. Participants of all backgrounds are welcome to join us to learn about ways to stand in solidarity, break down barriers of fear and prejudice, and build bridges of friendship and trust.

Join us on this special day as we honour the hope and resilience that migrants and refugees bring to societies around the world.

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