Annual General Meeting 2020

Religions for Peace Australia

Religions for Peace Australia will conduct its Annual General Meeting reporting for the year 2020, online, on evening of Sunday 6 June 2021 at 7pm. The Guest Speaker is Dr Anne Pattel-Gray , of Australia First Nations Program – World Vision Australia, is the first indigenous person to be awarded a doctorate in theology in the 1990’s. The meeting will be online, all are invited. The title of Dr Anne Pattel-Gray’s talk will be Walk Alongside to Build Religious Inclusivity and Acceptance.

The mission of Religions for Peace Australia is to work for interreligious peace and harmony and for social cohesion in Australia as well as upholding the universal values of authentic religion and spirituality. Its aims are:

  • (a) to work with faith traditions and religious organisations for interreligious understanding and harmony in Australia, including the right to freedom of belief, and across the world
  • (b) to highlight the salience of religion in multifaith Australia, highlighting its resources and the importance of religion and spirituality in national life
  • (c) to work with religious and interfaith organisations as well as with government and civil agencies in achieving social cohesion in Australia
  • (d) to create social wealth for the Australian nation, ensuring that the role of religious bodies is positively appreciated
  • (e) to sponsor activities and events, including research and evaluative studies, into the multicultural and interfaith perspective in society
  • (f) to work with educational bodies to educate the different levels and sectors of society about religion itself and the many faith traditions
  • (g) to support national and local interfaith organisations in Australia in their work in local government areas
  • (h) to organise meetings of religious leaders at national and local levels and with political and civic leaders
  • (i) to encourage interfaith activity and the formation of interfaith organisations among particular groups, including the young

Annual General Meeting 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place online, on the evening of Sunday 6 June 2021 at 7pm
For bookings to attend the online meeting, please go to for the Zoom link

1.Acknowledgement of country

2. Silent prayer/meditation or reflection

3. Welcome- Emeritus Professor Desmond Cahill OAM

4. Apologies

5. Guest Speaker

Dr Anne Pattel Gray
About Dr Anne Pattel Gray:
‘Dr Anne Pattel Gray – a globally recognised expert on Black theology, and the first Indigenous Australian to be awarded a doctorate in theology in the 1990s. Before she made history with her PhD in theology, she had emerged as a Christian leader with a national profile and platform. As the founding executive secretary of the Aboriginal and Islander commission of the National Council of Churches, Anne helped bring Indigenous perspectives to the national and international church. Anne speaks about the question of reconciliation as a pilgrimage towards justice, the role of churches in relation to Indigenous Christian leaders, belonging, and identity.’ 

The Title of her talk will be Walk Alongside to Build Religious Inclusivity and Acceptance 

Synopsis: As a multicultural society, how do we build an Australia that embraces our religious difference as a value and strength which recognises Australia First Nations Spirituality, values and beliefs to build unity and peace.

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