NZ: Buddhist Studies Zoom Series

The Dhammachai International Research Institute (DIRI) is holding a Zoominar series from April 12 to 30, 2021. The Religion Programme at Otago is delighted to join with DIRI as one of the institutions co-sponsoring the series.


A list of speakers, topics and times (in New Zealand) confirmed to date is listed below. All talks can be accessed via the following link without registering in advance. (Meeting ID: 825 3655 7097, Passcode: 072)

DIRI Zoominar series

April 12 (8-9pm NZST)
Dr. Jeff Wilson (DIRI, Australia) 
Topic: Buddhism, Husserl and the Void 

April 15 (2-3pm NZST)
Dr. D.E. Osto (Massey University, NZ)
Topic: Entering the Supreme Array: A Mahāyāna Dharmology for the 21st Century 

April 17 (8-9pm NZST)
Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh (Gautam Buddha University, India)
Topic: A Re-examination of Devadatta’s Character as Depicted in the Buddhist Scriptures

April 20 (9-10pm NZST)
Dr. Yojana Bhagat (University of Mumbai, India) 
Topic: Asokan inscriptions 

April 24 (2-3pm NZST)
Prof. Dr. Richard Salomon (University of Washington, USA) 
Topic: A Newly Discovered Biography of the Buddha in Gāndhārī

April 26 (9-10pm NZST)
Prof. Dr. Anand Singh (Nalanda University, India)
Topic: Nuns and Laywomen as Donors at Sārnāth: Locating Gender, Endowments, and Autonomy

April 27 (2-3am NZST)
Dr. Stefan Baums (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, Germany)
Topic: Buddhist Inscriptions from Ancient Gandhāra: A Window on Faith, Ritual and Patronage

April 27 (6-7pm NZST)
Dr. Mark Allon (University of Sydney, Australia)
Topic: The Composition and Transmission of Early Buddhist Texts 

April 28 (7-8pm NZST)
Prof. Dr. Michael Zimmermann (University of Hamburg, Germany) 
Topic: The Buddha Within: an Unorthodox Idea in Indian Buddhism?

April 30 (12:30-1:30am NZST)
Dr. Imre Galambos (University of Cambridge, UK) 
Topic: TBD 

May 1 (time TBD)
Dr Lina Verchery (University of Otago, NZ) 
Topic: Buddhism and Filmmaking: Challenges and Possibilities

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Gold leaf covered schist reliquary in the form of a stupa. Kusana period, North Western India. National Museum, Karachi, Pakistan. Copyright: Huntington, John C. and Susan L.Huntington Archive