The Sydney Statement

The Sydney StatementThe Sydney Statement is an interfaith charter for building bridges between believers from different religions. It is available in booklet, A4 size and full size poster format. The Sydney Statement is the work of Parliament of World Religions Youth in Sydney over several years and was launched online recently. As the work of Australian Youth, it is a work of high merit.

Our Context

Sydney is a multicultural, multi-religious city. More than a quarter of us were born overseas. We identify with more than 300 ancestries. We speak more than 215 languages. We follow more than 150 different religions or spiritualities. Cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity is deeply embedded in the life of our city.

Our Values

The Dignity of the Human Person, Life, Freedom, Equality, Safety and Security, Hospitality, Gratitude, Generosity and Service, Humility, Respect, Openness, Care for the Environment, Solidarity.

Our Principles

Multiculturalism, Citizenship, Democracy, Secularity, the Rule of Law,
the Compatibility of Science and Religion.

Our Commitments

Dialogue of Life
Living our faith in our everyday relations with others.

  1. We will be passionately religious and compassionately interreligious.
  2. We will treat others as we want to be treated.
  3. We will show love, care and respect for others in our daily lives.
  4. We will promote mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between believers.
  5. We will acknowledge both our commonalities and our differences.
  6. We will support recognition of society’s religious diversity.

Dialogue of Action
Working together on social issues based on shared values.

  1. We will work together for social cohesion.
  2. We will work together on common social issues.
  3. We will work together to promote peace.
  4. We will work together on environmental issues.
  5. We will act in solidarity with victims of religious discrimination.

Dialogue of Knowledge
Sharing about our doctrines, creeds, morality and practices.

  1. We will learn about the teachings, practices and customs of other religions.
  2. We will encourage education about different religions.
  3. We will be critical consumers of media.
  4. We will speak out against all forms of religious prejudice.
  5. We will give a positive and accurate account of all religions.
  6. We will reject violence and extremism.

Dialogue of Religious Experience
Sharing our spiritualities.

  1. We will share the spirituality of our religions.
  2. We will respect each other’s places of worship.

Intra-faith Dialogue
Engaging with the members of our own faith communities.

  1. We will promote interfaith dialogue within our own faith communities.
  2. We will make 19 March “Bridge Day” for building bridges between believers.

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The Sydney Statement
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