Uplifting Videos: LEARN TO BE HAPPY AGAIN!

Uplifting Inspiring

Based on the widely acclaimed book ‘Breaking Through The Darkness – how to defeat depression, anxiety and stress: a spiritual perspective’ (Amazon) this website offers hope to those who want to improve their mental wellbeing by highlighting the crucial part spiritual intelligence can play in helping us to return to a state of happiness and peace.

Many books and experts focus on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of depression but few mention, or consider, the spiritual aspect. All of us are both body and spirit. Bill Bryson in his book ‘The Body’ refers to us as ‘occupants’ of the body.

To ignore this aspect of ourselves is like walking blindfolded through life. We will never be completely happy until we turn our attention inwards, reconnect with our essence and end our spiritual crisis.

To help you on your way there are many Uplifting Videos for you to explore and enjoy.