NSW: Women's Interfaith Network Meeting

Womens Interfaith Network The Women’s Interfaith Network meets monthly at Parliament House, NSW. An overview of the origins and purpose is given along with a short account of the end-of-year meeting for 2015.

Women’s Interfaith Network

Founded in 2000, The Women’s Interfaith Network (“WIN”) is a gathering of women of different religious traditions who meet and work to promote harmony, understanding and respect among the followers of the various world religions, and stand together as a sign of solidarity among people of faith.

The Women’s Interfaith Network operates from a conviction that mutual understanding and respect for different religious expressions proceed from building personal relationships, co-operation and discussion. Therefore, we meet monthly, listening to one another’s faith stories and support each other in projects that promote our ideals.


  • The guiding principles of the Women’s Interfaith Network are
  • Respect for other religions.
  • Encouragement of mutual understanding and learning about the ideals of various religious groups, through personal relationships of co-operation and discussion.
  • Rejection of all proselytising.
  • Encouragement of joint advocacy by representativesof the different religious groups to address common social concerns.
  • Spreading the ideal of harmony between religions as widely as possible

End of year meeting of our Core WIN group which meets monthly in Parliament House Sydney. We listen to each others’ personal spiritual journeys, visit each others’ places of worship, learn about their different beliefs, rites of passage, prayers and holy books, and have now become a well-known and respected advocacy group …

Zohra Aly, Wilma Viswanathan, Vasantha Peri, Mina Batra, Susan Emeleus, Marianne Josephine Dacy, Josie Lacey, Jassi Khan and Thubten Chokyi.