GreenFaith Eco-Theology Call

Greenfaith LogoThe world’s religions offer a unique and vital collection of moral teachings and spiritual insights about the Earth, all people, and the sacred. Join us to explore a diverse range of teachings and insights that inspire us to work with passion and reverence for environmental and climate justice. You’ll learn about environmental resources within your own tradition and learn more about other’s religions on 27 August.

This week in China, unusually heavy rains have wreaked havoc, causing flooding that displaced millions of people and caused hundreds of deaths.

In California, thousands of lightning strikes and dangerously hot temperatures ignited devastating wildfires. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. The air is literally toxic – the most polluted on the planet.  

These climate-fueled calamities are happening with the backdrop of COVID-19. Fires and floods shine a spotlight on how the vulnerable among us suffer far worse when disasters strike. Our hearts are heavy for those in harm’s way.

What wisdom, solace, or strength does your faith, your spirituality provide in these times? As a multi-faith community, we need to reflect together so that our response can be rooted in our deepest convictions.

Join us for the 27 August webinar. (Local times on that page)

As climate change impacts more and more of us around the world, we need to lean on the teachings of our faiths, to find strength by reflecting together, to and to learn how to build moral power for a safer, more just world.
Join us on our call next week to begin this conversation together. We’ll meet at 11am ET and 8pm ET on Thursday, August 27. (Check that page for local times)


GreenFaith Eco Theology Call
GreenFaith Eco Theology Call for Climate Justice


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