Vinnies Launch Strategic Plan 2020-2030

Vinnies logoThe National Council of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has launched its strategic plan for the next three years as it continues to work to shape a more just and compassionate society.

National President, Claire Victory said that across five strategic goals and six long-term objectives the plan lays out a blueprint for the work of the Society for the next three years, but it sets the foundations for the next decade.

The five priority areas are spirituality, advocacy, leadership and governance, working in a federated environment and the sustainability of the organisation in an ever-changing world.

‘The Plan will continue to support people in their Vincentian spiritual journey through a positive and supportive environment where people are welcomed and feel valued and committed to contribute to our mission,’ Ms Victory said.

‘Our advocacy will influence Australian national priorities by connecting the voice of people experiencing disadvantage with those who can make a difference.

‘Through leadership and good governance, we will provide the practical support opportunities that allow us to serve local communities.

‘The Plan also clearly sets out the roles and functions of the National Council and the ways in which it supports the State and Territory Councils in facilitating good works.

‘And importantly, across these priorities, the National Council has determined measures to gauge our success in achieving the strategic goals.

‘The Plan is the culmination of nine months’ discernment, drawing heavily on Vincentian spirituality. It outlines new horizons for cooperation and collaboration within the Society and with like-minded partners who are committed to bringing about a fairer Australia.

‘It will bring about a stronger, more integrated Society that, as we enter what might well be the most difficult period in Australia’s recent history, positions us to meet the new and uncertain challenges that lie ahead,’ Ms Victory said.

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia consists of 60,000 members and volunteers who operate on the ground through over 1,000 conferences located in individual parishes across the country.

An overview of the Strategic Plan is available here.


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