Taslim: A Hub for Tasmanian Muslims

Taslim LogoSurival is an important issue for new Muslims arriving in Tasmania. Here, Hobart Mosque has created the Taslim website, a location and resources guide for Muslims living in Tasmania, curated by young people for young people. It is envisaged as a one stop place for a Muslim to get the necessary information required when moving to or visiting Tasmania.

We are glad to announce the inauguration of a new hub for Tasmanian Muslim (TASLIM) website https://taslim.com.au

It is envisaged as a one stop place for a Muslim to get the necessary information required when moving to or visiting Tasmania.

This hub is authored and designed by our Muslim youth of Tasmania as part of the National Youth Leadership program: http://amf.net.au/entry/national-youth-leadership-program-muster-initiative

It is a work in progress, please comment with your ideas to further improve it and make this your hub, our hub as Tasmanian Muslim – TASLIM.



Hobart Mosque Update


The mosque is located at 166 Warwick Street, West Hobart TAS 7000, Australia. The mosque is situated in the unmarked road that is opposite Lochner Street. Some car parking facilities are available on site. The mosque is run by the Tasmanian Muslim Association Inc (T.M.A.).

For direction simply click here.


Iqamah Times

Fajr 6:30 am
Zuhr 12:11 pm
Asr 3:00 pm
Maghrib 4:43 pm
Esha 6:30 pm
Jummah 12:15 pm, 12:50 pm, 1:25 pm, 2:00 pm



The mosque has Wudu facilities on site with running hot water. A women prayer section is also available with a separate entry. Separate Wudu area is available for women.



From Tuesday 9 June 2020, the Hobart Masjid has been opened for Fajr and Esha prayers only. The rest of the prayers will be gradually reviewed and opened very soon. We have introduced some procedures to comply with the Safety requirements of WorkSafe Tasmania due to Post COVID-19 Safety measures. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in respecting these rules and restrictions of using the Masjid. Please strictly observe the following Covid-19 precautionary measures upon attending the Mosque.• Congregations are limited to maximum 20 people only.

• Congregations are limited to for Fajr and Esha Salat only.

• People with illness or flu symptoms must not attend the mosque at this stage.

• Must perform Wudu (Ablution) at home. Mosque toilets and ablution area are closed for now.

• Use only the marked doors to ENTER & EXIT the mosque.

• Use hand sanitisers upon entrance of the Mosque.

• You Must bring your own Prayer Mats to prayers.

• Keep 1.5 m distance between others. Stand only on the X marks.

• Limit physical contact: this includes shaking hands and hugs.

• Strictly use the marked doors to Enter and Exit the Mosque.

• Once capacity is reached, the Mosque will be locked.

• Leave the Mosque once you have completed your mosque.


Jummah Reservation

We are planning to observe Jumma prayers from 19th June 2020 at Hobart Mosque. To adhere to the post COVID-19 Safety requirements, one must reserve online for Jummah prayer sessions. Currently, 80 individuals can pray at these following times:

  • 12:15 PM
  • 12:50 PM
  • 1:25 PM
  • 2:00 PM
  • Jummah prayer can be booked from the main page of the Taslim Website – See menu


History of Hobart Mosque