Darwin: Eid Celebration

Eid Celebration DarwinEid marks the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan during which there is fasting from sunrise to sunset. The Muslim community observed the end of Ramadan with the Australian Federal Police along with NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison and other representatives.

On Saturday 6 June AFP Darwin and QLD celebrated the end of Ramadan with the Darwin Muslim community, with a gathering for the traditional Muslim Festival of Eid.

NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison, NT MLA Lauren Moss, NT MLA Kate Worden, Bishop Charles Gauci and NT Islamic Society of Darwin President Muhammad Waqas attended, as well as other community leaders. Representing the AFP were Detective Sergeant Ed Windle and his daughter, NT Detective Sergeant Karl Day, Acting Sergeant Kemuel Lam Paktsun with his wife and children, Senior Constable Brad Wallace and his wife, and Queensland Community Liaison Team member Federal Agent Emir Cutuk.

Eid Celebration Darwin
Children singing at the Eid Celebration, Darwin, 2020

The Darwin Eid gathering was one of the few permitted public Eid events in Australia and was well attended by over 200 people, while maintaining social distancing. The speeches and presentations by the children were live streamed to the mosque and community hall so everyone could participate.

Following prayers, an Eid dinner of delicious dishes from Indonesia, Pakistan, Indian, Malaysia and the Middle East all cooked and served by volunteers. Over the past three months of COVID-19 restrictions, the NT Islamic Society of Darwin operated a drive-through meal service which generated over $50,000 into the Darwin economy by selling cuisine from local food businesses and helped keep the NT community fed and employed.

Special mention was given to the AFP by President Waqas and NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison, who thanked the AFP and NT Police for being on the frontline and keeping the NT borders safe, resulting in the NT being currently COVID-19 free.


Eid Celebration Darwin
Officials at the Eid Celebration Darwin, 2020


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