Bouncing Back or Bouncing Forward: Shaping a post-pandemic Society

tralian Bahai CommunityThe Australian Baha’i Community invites you to an online webinar where noted Australian author and sociologist Hugh Mackay AO will explore the lessons we have learnt from the pandemic, and the ways we might change as a result, on Friday May 29th from 12:30pm.

Resilience is an essential life skill for all, particularly children. It is the ability to recover from difficult events. Building resilience can help children learn how to cope, find solutions to problems and help them to effectively deal with both change and adversity. Life is full of obstacles, and those who are resilient, tackle and persevere through setbacks to achieve goals. It is a life skill which improves problem solving and mental wellbeing; in my experience those who are resilient are ultimately more successful.
Hugh Mackay AO
People often refer to resilience as bouncing back, but really it is more about bouncing forward in order to become stronger and better at facing the next challenge head on. Resilience applies to common struggles as much as trauma or major life events. Life is full is opportunities to bounce forward and find new ways of approaching challenges.

COVID-19 has touched the lives of all of us, and caused many of us to reflect on our way of life. Join us in a conversation with Hugh Mackay AO to explore the lessons we have learnt from the pandemic, and the ways we might change as a result.

This is an opportunity to reflect – perhaps to rethink our values, reset our priorities and reconsider the ways we approach our relationships, our work, our institutions.

How should we respond to this heightened sense of our interconnectedness?

MAY 29, 2020 | 12:30PM -1:15PM (AEST) Register at

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Bouncing back or bouncing forward?
Bouncing back or bouncing forward?