Compass: 9/11 Ten Years On

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Dr Anna Halafoff (Vice Chair, Religions for Peace Australia) along with Dr Gary Bouma (past Vice Chair), Freeman Trebilcock and Ali Majokah, all members of RfPA, were interviewed on the ABC Compass Program, 9/11, Ten Years On

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Religious Freedom and Canon Law

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Religions for Peace Australia Chair, Prof. Des Cahill has spoken of the global religious trends that were impacting on freedom of religion and belief in Australia, in a wide-ranging address today at the Annual Conference of the Canon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne.

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Relflections on the Aftermath of 9/11

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In the days following 9/11, everyone asked, “Why?”; many persons questioned religion generally and Islam in particular. Relgions for Peace Australia offers some reflections on this event and its aftermath.

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7th ASEM Interfaith Dialogue to be held in Manilla

Delegates at ASEM interfaith dialogue

The 7th ASEM Interfaith Dialogue will have the theme, Harnessing the Benefits and Addressing the Challenges of Migration through Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue. The meeting will be held in Manilla on 13-14 October 2011. It will be also be a pre-event, Interfaith Youth Roundtable on Migration.

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