Buddhist Muslim Iftar Dinner

Muslim Prayer

In the spirit of building friendship across communities the Buddhist Council of Victoria has collaborated with the Australian Intercultural Society to arrange an Iftar dinner at the Vietnamese Quang Minh Buddhist temple in Braybrook on Monday night, 5th of August 2013.

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The Shift Towards Human Wealth

Latrobe University

On September 12, the Centre for Dialogue at Latrobe University will have four renowned Swamis will be speaking on the topic of The Contemporary Global Crisis: The Shift Towards Human Wealth. A panel of Swamis discus the human aspect of the Global Financial Crisis as an issue of attitude rather than of economics.

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International Day of Peace, Boroondara

Boroondara Interfaith Network

To celebrate what is commonly known as ‘Peace Day’ around the world, the Boroondara Interfaith Network, in partnership with Burwood and District Inter-Church Council invites you to a forum bringing together people of all faith backgrounds to discuss how we can create peace in today’s society.

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Down in the Chapel: Religious Life in an American Prison

Book Cover, Down in the Chapel

Joshua Dubler’s Down in the Chapel opens with a scene of surprising calm for a book about maximum-security prisons. Al, a devout if extreme Protestant, and Baraka, a Warith Deen Mohammed Muslim, are debating the knowability of God’s intentions. Al thinks God is totally accessible, while Baraka disagrees. The two lightly bicker back and forth, but their tone is respectful. When asked how they remain so calm, Baraka jokes, “The creator made the world and said, ‘Have at it, fellas.’”

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Harmony in the Workplace

Fecca Logo

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) has released a new series of factsheets, d aimed at encouraging greater awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity in Australian workplaces

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