The Vatican, Black Holes, and the Big Bang

What happens if you fall into a Black Hole? What happened in the early Big Bang? What is the ultimate destiny of the cosmos? These and other questions will be at the center of discussions at a scientific workshop on “Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Space-Time Singularities” which will be held from May 9-12 at the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo. Among the 35 invited participants, are renowned scientists such as the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Gerald ‘t Hooft; 1988 Wolf Prize co-winner Roger Penrose; and cosmologists George Ellis, Renata Kallosh and Andrei Linde and Joe Silk.

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Vatican: Pope’s Address to Australian Global Foundation

Pope Francis gave one address to an Australian foundation in Rome on Saturday 14 January. Pope Francis spoke to participants of the ‘Round Table’ of the Global Foundation in Rome. According to its website, launched in Melbourne, Australia, in 1998, the Global Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, was born when some of Australia’s leading citizens wished to confront the challenges and opportunities presented by an emerging world. The global network brings together influential global figures focused on serving the longer-term public good and backed by private sector and philanthropic sponsors and a diverse membership base.

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Pope Francis meets top Egyptian cleric at Vatican, ending five-year freeze in relations


Pope Francis has met the grand imam of Egypt’s highest Islamic authority, Al-Azhar, looking to heal Vatican relations with the influential centre of Sunni Muslim learning after dialogue was frozen five years ago. The 1,000-year-old mosque and university centre cut contacts with the Vatican in 2011 over what it said were repeated insults towards Islam from Francis’s predecessor, Pope Benedict.

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