2nd Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference

The 2nd Islamic Schooling Conference was held at Mt Lofty on 11-12 July 2017. The focus of the Conference was on curriculum development following the Melbourne Declaration on the Educational needs of Young Australians and the work of ACARA, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. There was much in-depth examination of progress towards an Islamic school curriculum for Australia to suit primary and secondary education models, along with appropriate education in Arabic and integration of Islamic faith into the curriculum – the outcome of which is young Australians who contribute to the welfare of Australia by way of industry, productivity, and participation in Australian society.

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South Australia: Compassion in Action

The Order of Australia Association will conduct a Multifaith Celebration at the Alan Scott Theatre, Uni SA at the Western Campus, North Terrace on Sunday 6 November at 2:30pm. The theme of the celebration is Living Faiths: Compassion in Action.


The event will take place in the Alan Scott Theatre, Uni SA at the Western Campus,
North Terrace, Adelaide
2:30 PM
Order of Australia Association, South Australia Branch
This is a Multifaith Event.

There will be a Multifaith Celebration in Allan Scott Theatre, North Terrace, Adelaide, commencing at 2:30 pm. The Governor and Lieutenant-Governor will be attending. There will be participation from about 8 different faiths. The theme of the celebration is Living Faiths, Compassion in Action!

All Welcome: People of all faiths, families and friends are warmly invited. Uncle Lewis O’Brien AO will give the Welcome to Country offering a Coolamon of Eucalyptus Leaves – a symbol of healing in Aboriginal Culture.




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South Australia: Faith Reflections on Nuclear

nuclearThe Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission was established by the South Australian Government on 19 March 2015 to undertake an independent and comprehensive investigation into the potential for increasing South Australia’s participation in the nuclear fuel cycle. It was required to, and did, report to the Governor of South Australia by 6 May 2016. Multifaith South Australia is inviting Faith Reflections on Nuclear on two occasions: October 2nd and October 23, at the Joinery, Franklin St, Adelaide.

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