Publications and Papers by Members

Cahill, D The CHALLENGE of COMPASSION in the GLOBAL AGE, Address given at the Inaugural Dinner Forum of the Bendigo Interfaith Council on 18th March 2016 held at The Conservatory, All Seasons Motel, Bendigo.
Fry, Ian Rex, Dr. 12th Annual Conference, Doha International Centre for Interfaith Dialogue, The way forward: A Global Council on Religion, Culture and the Human Future
Fry, Ian Rex, Dr. It's Time to Talk our Way out of a Crisis, Dialogue on the Origins of Conflict
Cahill, D Integration of Immigrants into Cohesive Civil Societies: The Role of Religious Communities and their Leaders

Cahill, D, Multicultural and Multifaith Bendigo: Returning to its past in a different way
Ennis, Dr Sue, Religion, Spirituality and Refugee Flights and Resettlement
Cahill, D, Being Religious and Interreligious in Regional and Rural Victoria: The Role of its Interfaith Networks
Cahill, D, Australia's Religious Profile, Preliminary Results, 2011 Census
Cahill, D, The Growing Banyan Tree: Developing Buddhist Presence in Australia
Cahill, D, Creating Religious Harmony and Social Cohesion in the City of Hume
Cahill, D, FROM 9/11 TO BREIVIK: Responding Nationally and Transnationally to the challenge of Diversity and Social Cohesion
Jan Pakulski, University of Tasmania: Confusions about Multiculturalism (Religions for Peace Australia publishes this paper, courtesy Prof. Jan Pakulski of the University of Tasmania.)
Cahill, D, Regional and Rural Migration in and for the 21st Century: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Bendigo, 2007
Cahill, D., Bouma, G., Dellal, H. & M. Leahy (2004) Religion, Cultural Diversity and Safeguarding Australia (Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra)
Cahill, D. and M. Leahy (2004) Constructing a Local Multi-Faith Network (Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra)
Cahill, D. (2005) Managing and regulating religion in the context of global governance
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