April 2009

26th April, 2009

Dear Member of Religions for Peace Australia,

Greetings again! And it is again time for the Annual General Meeting, and details are enclosed. You have been all receiving news on our email network, especially from WCRP or Religions for Peace International with its headquarters in New York because of its work with the UN. This will have kept you informed of developments internationally.

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Instructor Approval Process

Religions for Peace Australia is required to gain the approval of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for any volunteer instructor to teach the religion of each faith tradition. RfP Australia works in partnership with the major umbrella body of each faith tradition, which has the responsibility for training and accrediting each volunteer instructor. This accreditation process is the umbrella body’s stamp of approval that the instructor is capable of teaching the faith tradition in a government school setting and has the level of religious knowledge and the level of pedagogical knowledge to do so.

In the approval process, RfP Australia has the responsibility to ensure the acceditation process has been completed and the volunteer instructor has met the provisions of the Working with Children Act. Joyce Rebiro is the multifaith educator appointed by RfP Australia to oversee this process of gaining the approval of the Department.

See the Forms page for the papers and steps necessary to obtain approval as an Instructor for Special Religious Instruction.

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