I'm a Muslim get me out of here!

On Saturday, June 13 the Islamic Centre of Victoria played host to a media panel discussion and Q&A. The event was moderated by head of media and communications at the Islamic Centre of Victoria Kuranda Seyit. We bring you one participant's point of view about Islam and the Media.

Faiths for Earth

Faiths for Earth Faiths for Earth is a common initiative among the World's Religions, led by Religions for Peace to unite in a supreme effort to Protect the Earth We Have. Please read on to view the video prepared by Religions for Peace International Secretary, Rev. William Vendley.

Nepal: Advancing on-the-ground Joint Multi-Religious Relief Efforts

In Nepal after the 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck, killed over five-thousand people; injured more than eleven thousand; and left 1.4 million in need of food assistance, the Religions for Peace family on its different levels: Religions for Peace International, Religions for Peace Asia and Religions for Peace Nepal began to work as a single team to implement multi religious efforts to help those in need on the ground in Nepal.

United Nations: Forging Partnerships to counter Violent Religious Extremism

How can religious communities foster peaceful, inclusive societies and counter violent extremism?

The Secretary General of the United Nations, the President of the United Nations General Assembly and the High Representative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations invited senior religious leaders in Religions for Peace to respond to this question in a high-level thematic debate held on 21 and 22 April at UN Headquarters in New York. Also participating were representatives of 193 Member States and diverse stakeholders.

Vatican City: United Call for Moral Awakening on Climate Change

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon opened a consultation at the Vatican hosted by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences, in consultation with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Columbia University's Earth Institute, and Religions for Peace International. The consultation focused squarely on the moral and religious dimensions of climate change and sustainable development, especially through its effect on the world's poor.

Being a Muslim in an Age of Islamophobia

Our leaders and media have created an environment that has effectively provided people with permission to hate, emboldening people to encounter Muslims as "the enemy in the war on terror" or as potential radicals, as though we all carry a "radical" dormant virus ready to be activated at any moment, writes Randa Abdel-Fattah on the ABC Religion and Ethics website.

Faiths for Earth

Faiths for Earth is a common initiative among the World's Religions, led by Religions for Peace to unite in a supreme effort to Protect the Earth We Have

Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace

2015 Parliament of Religions

parliament of the world's religions 2015

The 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 15 - 19th. Click here to read more.

Multifaith Education Australia

SRI Victoria

The Recent Victorian Education Department Ministerial Direction №141 requires the posting of instruction program materials for Special Religious Instruction in Victoria to the public domain so that parents may overview the instruction program. Program materials will be posted to Multifaith Education Australia, the new website for Special Religious Instruction (and multifaith education) in Australia. This website is administered by Religions for Peace Australia under its contractural requirements with the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. SRI Instruction Program Content is found on this website here

The Golden Rule

Golden Rule, Australian Version

An Australian Version of the Golden Rule Poster is available

Offer a Meal Movement

Offer a Meal

Religions for Peace Australia invites you to join the worldwide Offer a Meal Movement – a movement which skips a meal a couple of times a month in solidarity with–and prayer for –those suffering from hunger, extreme poverty or violent conflict.

G20 Interfaith Summit: Religious Freedom and Economic Development

G20 Interfaith Summit

Griffith University Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue held the first G20 Interfaith Summit on the Gold Coast during the weekend of November 16 - 18. This Interfaith Summit explored Religious Freedom and Economic Development.

An archive of all presentations at the G20 Interfaith Summit can be found here.



Affliated with Religions for Peace Australia, InterAction is Interfaith Youth building a generation-wide movement of young people. Inspired by individual spiritual traditions, InterAction works together to build a better world. Visit Interaction

Anti Racism

Racism, it stops with Me

Religions for Peace has partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission Anti Racism Strategy

9th World Assembly

Religions for Peace

The 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace was held in Vienna during November, 2013. Theme Papers and Resources are available.