Religion and Multifaith Diversity: Evolution in a Globalizing World

In this paper presented to the Evolution Symposium of 2014, Prof. Des Cahill, Chair, Religions for Peace Australia, examines various creation narratives and beliefs of different religions and goes on the offence with regard to the thoughts of Richard Dawkins. Prof. Cahill also examines creationism and intelligent design and whether or not either of these might be taught in Australian schools, considering the legal and constitutional dimensions. With regard to the roles of state govenemnts and the duty of the Minister of Education to have oversight of what is taught in schools, there are some thoughtful issues raised by Professor Cahill.

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A major event for Australia in which RfP Australia has played a major organizing role has been the Parliament of the World’s Religions held in Melbourne on 3rd – 9th. December, 2009 when the interfaith movement gathered to explore their religious heritages, to participate in interreligious activities and to address the world’s pressing issues.

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