Royal Commission releases for consultation model Bill to amend evidence laws

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual AbuseThe Royal Commission (and many persons abused in different religions) report that how the criminal justice system deals with allegations against an individual of sexual offending against more than one child, has been identified by Commissioners – and those who have been abused – as one of the most significant issues in their criminal justice work and seeing justice done to repeat child abuse offenders.

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How I Became an Accidental Interfaith Activist—and Learned to Love Disagreement


We bring you an article below from a respected print magazine which has been in circulation for over hundred years. The author, Amanda Quraishi, was a recent revert to Islam shortly before the ugly events of 9/11 and has since been involved in significant interfaith activity in her nation for many years. Recent events sullied her experience; however, Amanda Quraishi has found that discussion of conflict and topics that may lead to conflict can and do – more frequently – have positive outcomes.

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International: Partnership in “Ethics in Action” Initiative – Multireligious Collaboration for Moral Solutions to Global Challenges

religions for peace international

Vatican – Religions for Peace (RfP) partnered to co-launch a new initiative to develop a moral consensus around the great challenges related to sustainable and integral development, and to convert this consensus into concrete action.

Called Ethics in Action for Sustainable and Integral Development, the initiative entails a close and spirited partnership among the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the University of Notre Dame, and RfP.

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Report Warns of Global Rise of Religious ‘Hyper-Extremism’


Religious Fundamentalism—more lethal than ever before—is unleashing death, destruction, displacement and instability at unprecedented levels, according to a report out today.

The Religious Freedom in the World 2016 report, produced by international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, warns of the global impact of “a new phenomenon of religiously-motivated violence—‘Islamist hyper-extremism.’” The report points to the Islamic State (ISIS) as the prime example.

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Pope’s Message to Conference on Climate Change

lettresIt affects the whole of humanity, in particular the poorest and future generations, which represent the most vulnerable component of the worrying impact of climate change and calls for the grave ethical and moral responsibility to act without delay in the way that is most free from political and economic pressures, surmounting particularistic interests and behavior.’

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Queensland: Successful Mosque Open Day held at Toowoomba Mosque

toowooThe Garden City Mosque, Toowoomba, Queensland participated in the National Mosque Open Day program on Saturday, 29 October 2016. This was a nationwide event to invite members of the wider community to have a first hand look at the mosques in their neighbourhood and city, and find out more about the activities and rituals performed in the mosques.

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Queensland: Interfaith cooperation in action at Mount Isa


A single beige demountable fitted with not much more than an air conditioner, a few chairs, and a patchwork of woven mats turned to face Mecca has become an outback symbol of religious hope. The Good Shepherd Catholic church in the remote Queensland mining town of Mount Isa has offered space in its parish building to the local Islamic community for use as a prayer room.

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