Australian churches confront domestic and family violence

National Council of Churches Australia roundtableRecognising that a number of churches around the country were working to address domestic and family violence in different ways, the National Council of Churches in Australia organised a round-table on Domestic Violence in Melbourne on 2 May.

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Valentines Day 2019: Thursdays in Black

Valentine’s Day, 14 February, falls on a Thursday this year, and is being connected to the Thursdays in Black campaign against rape and violence. Recognizing that Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, the World Council of Churches states that for too many people, “love” comes with abuse and violence.

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Thursdays in Black

In every country, gender-based violence is a tragic reality. This violence is frequently hidden, and victims are often silent, fearing stigma and further violence.

We all have a responsibility to speak out against violence, to ensure that women and men, boys and girls, are safe from rape and violence in homes, schools, work, streets – in all places in our societies.

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