COVID-19, Science, and the Nonreligious

Church and Stormclouds

Cherrypicking evidence for God and Religion in times of Coronavirus? Read all about it, from the non-religious. Of course, it’s perfectly OK to be non-religious, healthy, in fact. Cherrypicking your evidence to support your point of view could be fatal to your narrative: …

In pre-modern days if someone was sick they would commonly pray to the gods or visit a shaman or wisewoman to be healed; perform the correct ritual, take a potion or tonic, and say the right words or prayers. As the world entered the modern and enlightened age, scientific and technological advances alongside increased emphasis on reason and logic set the stage for a new approach to health. No longer did people need to pray to the gods or perform the proper ritual to be healed, they could see a doctor and take some medicine on their hopeful road to eventual recovery. The gods became less necessary.

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