Australia: Living the Change events in each state

Across Australia Australian Religious Responce to Climate Change supporters – and fellow travellers of good will – will have the opportunity to attend Week of Living the Change celebrations in the week of October 7 – 14. These will be held separately in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Otford (NSW South Coast), Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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Living the Change: Climate Science is Unfolding

The nurturing and respect for Life is a central doctrine of all faiths on Earth. Yet today we are endangering life on Earth with unacceptably high and rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions. These gases are destabilizing the global climate system, heating the Earth, acidifying the oceans, and putting both humanity and all living creatures at unacceptable risk.

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Victoria: Living the Change

Living the Change is a national faith-based event curated by Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Religions for Peace Australia and United Religions Initiative. It will be launched in many locations in Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There is also an online tool for reducing your carbon footprint as per your faith.

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