Artificial Intelligence: An AI God is already under development

Anthony Levandowski, the founder of self-driving Google cars and Otto trucks wants to “promote the realisation of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence. Levandowski has established “Way of the Future”, a non-profit religious corporation that worships this Godhead. A friend said that Levandowski “had this very weird motivation about robots taking over the world—like actually taking over, in a military sense. It was like [he wanted] to be able to control the world.” Artificial intelligence is feared by scientists and technology gurus like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Silicon Valley sees the singularity – when robots or AI surpass human intelligence – to be not too far off.

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Holy See at United Nations Urges Dialogue

On October 13, the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN sponsored a side event entitled “The Other is a Good for Me: The role of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in addressing violence, conflict and building lasting peace in the world today.” The title is based on a subtitle taken from the book Disarming Beauty by Fr. Julián Carrón, President of Communion and Liberation, which co-sponsored the event. The event – as well as the book – aimed to address the root causes of prevalent social issues, as well as to promote dialogue and the culture of encounter necessary to resolve them.

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Tasmania, October 2017

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In October, members of Religions for Peace Tas are invited to join the Australian Walk Together event:     In Hobart, Walk Together will be held at Parliament House lawns at 11am on Saturday 21 October 2017. We will meet at the venue.

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Victoria: Multifaith Statement on Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017

MELBOURNE: Wed, 11 October 2017: representatives of Victoria’s leading religions gathered on the steps of Parliament to deliver a joint statement to Deputy Premier, James Merlino, regarding the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

The ‘Multifaith Statement’ is signed by Sheikh Isse Abdo Musse (President, Board of Imams Victoria), Phra Khru Kampee-panya-withet (Abbot, Melbourne Thai Buddhist Temple), Makarand Bhagwat (Victorian Director, Hindu Council of Australia), Rabbi Daniel Rabin (President, Rabbinical Council of Victoria), Jasbir Singh Suropada (Chairman, Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria) and Bishop Peter Danaher (President, Victorian Council of Churches).

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