Children in Nauru

The National Executive of Religions for Peace Australia calls upon the Australian Government to remove all children from detention on Nauru.


31 October 2018
The Executive of Religions for Peace Australia wishes to yet again express its urgent concern about the holding of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island especially the plight of any children and those who are physically and mentally ill.

The boats have been stopped and the deterrence argument no longer stands up to critical and strategic thinking. The detainees on both islands have not been treated according to the various UN declarations and instruments nor according to globally accepted human rights instruments. The number of detainees is now relatively small, certainly in comparison to the number of refugees that Australia to its credit allows to enter each year.

Accordingly, we urge the Government and all political parties to work together to honour the human dignity of the detainees and to restore Australia’s good name as an international citizen.

Emeritus Professor Desmond Cahill OAM
Ms Diana Hirsh AM
Mr Jo Elvins
Ms Nivy Balachandran
Mr Ali Mohammad
Dr Ian Fry
Rev. Chris Parnell
Ms Therese Sussmilch
Dr Susan Ennis

Photo credit: World Vision Australia

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