Victoria: Practising Mindfulness

The Awareness Centre in Ashburton will offer an day on mindfulness on Tuesday 16 October 2018.


-Mindfulness- how to effectively use this for yourself, your work and supporting others.

By learning to quiet one’s inner voice (s), mindfulness can increase resiliency that not only benefits practitioners personally but also improves their effectiveness and safety in clinical practice and ministry. It also helps a person’s ‘awareness in the moment’ so that they can better use themselves as ‘instruments’ when working with others but also helps flexibility of choices in how we respond. This is essential in practice but in everyday life- where we will therefore experience great freedom. Learning this skill for ourselves also enhances our ability to use it effectively with others- with attending to Mental Health First Aid concerns, people we work with, family and others. Lots of people talk about mindfulness without fully understanding or practising it. Mindfulness is particularly helpful with anxiety and depression

This day will include mindful meditation techniques that you can use for yourself and with others, mindful awareness techniques and practise, mindful communication and mindful compassion.

Full day training. With chances to slow down and practice and breathe. Eating mindfully too!

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