September – Religions for Peace Tasmania

Religions for Peace Tasmania

The Religions for Peace (Tasmania Branch) gathering will be held from 12 noon to 1.00pm on Tuesday 8 October at the 50 and Better Centre, Bathurst St., Hobart.

Our guest speaker for this gathering will be Venerable Drolma, a Buddhist nun, who recently attended a retreat conducted by her mentor and well-known Australian Buddhist nun, Ven Robina Courtin.

In addition, our visit to Launceston to visit Chabad House and the Palpung Institute was a very memorable day, and Julie is asking if anyone who has connections in the north, who might be interested in occasional interfaith gatherings there, to contact her on or Terry Sussmilch.

Murdunna Dreaming – Healing H’Arts

Kris Schaffer, well known artist, horticulturist and specialist consultant website by now. in indigenous garden design and bushfoods will be holding an exhibition at ‘The Village’ in September. Titled ‘Murdunna Dreaming – Healing H’Arts’ the program will include a series of workshops covering healing gardens, coastal gardening, bush essences and medicinal plants and bushfoods in collaboration with other likeminded practitioners. The art works on display are drawn from the store of land and spirit which is at the core of the artist. “Mostly drawings in pencil and pen & ink drawings and installations consisting of plant material with allied and well loved objects,” explains Kris. “My work is inspired by people and honours their faith, the aboriginal culture and our responsibility to Ningana staff receive their grant on the the place we call home.” night. The exhibition will open 6pm Friday 13th September 2013 at THE VILLAGE, Melbourne Street, Triabunna and be open till early November.

Soul Food

The theme for this program will be”Children – Pearls of Great Promise“.

This month’s program is designed to honor the role of human potential and self development with readings and quotes from various authors, sources and Faiths – indigenous, ancient and modern – from all over the world. The readings will be primarily designed to further direct our thoughts to the education and care of children. The music for this program will be the young violinist Max Parr along with other talented entertainers.

When: Sunday October 6th, 3pm. Great refreshments served. For more information please – 6234 7654 or

Emergency Ministries Training


Registrations are now open for Accreditation Training for emergency ministries in Launceston and Ulverstone. Appropriately endorsed individuals (lay or ordained) from any denomination or faith community (Christian or otherwise) are encouraged to apply.

The Launceston sessions will be held on Friday-Saturday, 8th-9th November, at The Manor, 2 Guy Street, Kings Meadows.

The Ulverstone sessions will be held on Monday-Tuesday, 11th-12th November, at Life Christian Church, 19-21 Risby Street, Ulverstone.

Training will be provided by the Emergency Ministries Department of the Victorian Council of Churches, to whom the Tasmanian Council of Churches is grateful for enabling the development of emergency ministries in Tasmania. Register at

Recognition for Reconciliation

Prof. Mick Dodson, Professor of Law at ANU, Canberra, will be speaking on Recognition for Reconciliation at Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, UTAS Centre for the Arts, Hunter Street, Hobart on 9th October, 2013 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Download a Flyer for Mick Dodson’s talk.

Earthcare Workshop

The Brahma Kumaris of Tasmania will conduct an EarthCare Workshop on Sunday 5 October from 10:00 until 12:45pm at 51 Risdon Road New Town. Morning Tea included. The workshop will be guided visualisation, writing and discussion. The workshop will be led by Usha Jevan, Executive Director of the Board of Brahma Kumaris, South Africa.

Download a flyer for the Earthcare Workshop

Religions for Peace Tasmania

Religions for Peace Tasmania