Multifaith SA – May 2013

p>Multifaith Association of South Australia

The May 2013 meeting of the Multifaith Association of South Australia was held at the Unitarian Church on Osmond Terrace, Norwood on 19th May.

Gunhild and Ann met with Geoff Boyce, chaplain and the Oasis Centre at Flinders University to discuss spaces for meeting, the Faith Friendly Charter and the purpose of the Multifaith Association in the future. It was good have the discussions and forge links with the Oasis Centre at Flinders Uni:

  • Symposium planning is continuing to proceed well. Unity in Diversity will be held on Sunday 22nd in the afternoon followed by dinner.
  • Committee to look at Climate Change website – possibly each member to take on one section for discussion.
  • Annemieke brought in O.P. Ghai’s book: ‘Unity in Diversity’. We will look into it at the next meeting
  • Future home for meetings: the Bahai centre in the city is not available until August.
  • 5 committee members presented short talks: My Faith in Action: one concrete example of how I live out my faith in everyday life. Four members from the broad membership attended. Again the personal talks were well received, prompting reflection and questions

Ann Aisatullin June 23rd, 2013

Multifaith Association of South Australia