Sultana’s Dream – August 2012

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The latest issue – August 2012 – of Sultana’s Dream is available for reading. The editorial takes up the issue of how Australia’s Muslims’ perceive they are treated by the media.

The editorial overviews some unfortunate experiences – placed alongside the presence of Amina Elshafei, the immensely popular contestant in Masterchef, who did more to reduce social distance between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Editor, Hanifa Deen, raises an interesting issue with regard to media portrayals:

In this edition specific criticisms were levelled at certain ABC and SBS TV programs while commercial programs like A Current Affair and Today Tonight, which seem to specialise in negative media coverage on asylum seekers, Muslims and racial minorities, escaped sanction. ‘What can you expect? Commercial channels chase ratings,’ was the cynical view.

On the other hand, efforts have been taken up to provide specific media education for Muslims and muslim organisations – by the Australian Multicultural Foundation, and a media and values conference was conducted by Australian Intercultural Society.

A compelling issue of Sultana’s Dream, with keystone articles written by women with strenght in their own – and others – humanity.

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